Turning Interest into Passion

De Tune is a global, full-service live broadcast media and event production agency. We deliver innovative, mass experiences — anywhere in the world — that connect you with your audience, build communities, and ignite brand passion.


Founded in 2001 by Michael Thuney, De Tune is a full-service live broadcast media and event production agency.


Over the past 18 years, we’ve operated on six continents, executed over 1,200 events, produced over 6,000 hours of live entertainment, and engaged over 126,000,000 fans.


A great show starts before the curtain falls. Building anticipation is key, delivered in how you craft the ticket buying and promotional elements of a show. Delivering above and beyond expectation is how you build a brand and we build our reputation. What you take with you and share beyond the event is another key element to strengthening your tribe.


We are artists, technologists, engineers, directors, strategists, designers and content creators whose mission is to capture the heart and soul of your brand, tell your story, and create experiences that entertain and build dynamic communities.


But the magic that happens when the curtain goes up only tells half the story. We are constantly innovating and pioneering new techniques and technologies that redefine what’s possible. Most recently we launched our UHD Direct service — the industry’s only zero-latency, realtime, two-way video broadcast platform.