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Slide As a global media service provider, We pride ourselves in tapping into the imaginative spirit of “what could be” as opposed to “what’s been done before”. Learn More Slide Every project requires a genuine partnership of ideas With goals, merging creative and technology with purpose, shaping stories and emotions into authentic experiences. Learn More

Our People We are artists, designers, technologists, engineers, producers, and directors striving to generate authentic content and experiences that evoke deep emotional connections within communities. Imagination - Design - Execution Broadcast Services Free yourself from the constraints of traditional broadcast models. Providing a truly universal approach to content acquisition and delivery increases versatility and efficiency to your productions. Remote and Cloud Based Production Imagination Realized Let what inspires you run wild…technical limitations should never play a part in your overall creative vision. Be confident in your concept knowing that if it doesn’t exit, “We can build it!” Your challenge is our mission. If it doesn't exist BUILD IT! Feature Packages Support and refine your creation. Cultivating compelling storylines captures the human spirit, draw in audiences with meaningful heroes and villains they can relate to. Field Production - Post Production Sound Design Put a finishing touch on any subject matter. Bathing your listener in immersive sound sets the mood and ties together all your visuals into a dynamic cohesive experience to remember. Music - Audio Sweetening Mixed Reality Open and explore new imaginary worlds. Merging real and virtual environments pushes the boundaries of original experiential content. AR - VR - Graphics Content Delivery Distribution is key to the longevity and success of any finished product. Finding the right vehicle to push your concept finalizes the creative process of feeding your community. Traditional Broadcast or Internet

Slide Blog Interesting news and fun facts... We got this! Esports arena Manhattan Beach California studio build and operation in the news Eighth generation remote broadcasting (REMI) is entirely decentralized and cloud based. by the numbers PUBG Berlin, by the numbers Technology Integration of Grass Valley's Gaming and Polling system into AMPP Remember when... 2016 Mercedes Benz Arena Shanghai China We Got This! Web streaming technology deployed during the Covid 19 crisis.

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"When we see the reflection of our work in the eyes and faces of the audience."

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