Blizzard / Blizzcon

2008 – 2011


2008 to 2011

Implemented top entertainment

Negotiated TV deal with Direct TV

Tripled size of event

Merchandise Store – made efficiencies

One eSports stage to three

Streaming of one event to 4

Integrated HUB for DirectTV broadcast

Scheduled event for flow

More gameplay demos

More fan engagement

Added attendee give always



The Early Years — BlizzCon 2008

In 2007 De Tune partnered with Blizzard Entertainment to level-up their fan experience on a unique perineal event, BlizzCon.


Computer games, LAN parties, and online competition was nothing new. However, with the advent of professional players and sponsorships gaming evolved into eSports. Korea witnessed huge audiences wanting to see StarCraft EU all the while companies like Dreamhack and Turtle Entertainment were having successful events as well.


Our original mission was to transform a tradeshow styled convention into an entertainment atmosphere and introduce eSports to a broader audience.


For BlizzCon 2008 De Tune planned and executed the following items:

  • Expanded the size of the venue to accommodate more fans
  • Changed the layout for better traffic flow and entertainment value
  • Redesigned merchandising to match excitement of the brand
  • Added DirecTV for two-day coverage of the event
  • Added eSports broadcast event for Warcraft and Starcraft


The Early Years — BlizzCon 2009 to 2011

After a successful BlizzCon 2008 and with eSports popularity on the rise, the strategy evolved from just a “community event” to a meaningful eSports event as well. The 2009 strategy change created growth in the event, but also a huge surge of interest in eSports.





Procuring and executing world-class entertainment with Ozzy Osborne and Tenacious D

Expanding the show size and adding new elements for entertainment value

Implementing a themed lighting design

Implementing an entire event sound design

Implementing a “content to anywhere” video distribution system

Implementing true sponsorship valuation and activation execution

Add six broadcast partners to the event

Create, Design, and Execute the Host Broadcasting System for continuity in brand id, messaging and production value. We wanted people to know this was a Blizzard product!! Quality production with solid content to back it up!


  • Stage Design
  • Story Art / Design
  • Hospitality and Transportation Plan
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Renders + Pre-viz
  • Technology Plan
  • Venue Selection
  • Environmental Design
  • Show rundown & event schedule
  • Content and Story Design
  • On-air Graphics
  • Live Audience Graphics
  • Marketing Strategy


  • Production Management
  • Directing / Producing
  • Process Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Talent Management
  • Custom API programming
  • Production Management
  • Audio Engineering
  • Software Engineering


  • Security
  • Observer Team
  • Line Production
  • Talent / Casters / Influencers
  • Broadcast / Streaming
  • Camera Operators
  • Realtime editing
  • Interstitial Content
  • Audio, Video, Lighting, Scenic
  • Follow-up Marketing