FLY Packs Global Initiative (Riot Games)

2014 – PRESENT

Equipment in outside broadcasting van.

2014 to Present



  • Broadcast truck was not adequate
  • Shows in Asia did not have capabilities and systems infrastructure to support broadcast demand



  • Designed and built a broadcast production system able ship anywhere in the world in 48 hours and setup within 5 hours
  • Capable of maintaining high quality production



  • Creation of a consistent high-quality production support system




De Tune has been providing Broadcast Services for events around the world for over 30 years.  Outside of the major broadcasting centers in the EU and US, the availability of quality OB equipment dissipates quickly, and when you must deliver high end production in less than ideal foreign OB units, you are often left wondering how to pull off a successful event.


After encountering this scenario countless times De Tune was driven to design and build a Fly Pack system on par with any high-end OB truck in the US or EU that could be deployed anywhere in the world in 48 hours and setup in 5 hours. The system was designed to be lightweight and totally self-contained, redundant and able to deal with intermittent power.  De Tune’s Fly Packs are capable of 20 cameras, EVS, VizRt and is both 1080P and 4K ready.  De Tune built the system in tandem with Skyline Television to deploy two systems simultaneously.


In 2014, on the inaugural deployment of the Fly Packs, these kits were sent to Taipei, Singapore, and South Korea for a month-long tour ending in Seoul Korea where the kits were combined to do a 43-camera production, with 27 million fans watching.


  • Organizational Leadership
  • Technology Plan


  • Process Management
  • Custom API Programming
  • Production Management
  • Audio Engineering
  • Software Engineering


  • Broadcast / Streaming